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Sae Yong Lee is a filmmaker from Korea and is now based in Los Angeles, California. His works examine Asian immigrants and their daily interactions with the local communities as strangers, investigators, and adventurers. Visualizing the sites of cultural, racial, and ethnic encounters in mundane situations through audio-visual media, Lee’s works show the formation of new hybrid identities within the locals and foreigners. Using filmmaking and sound installation as research tools to examine various representations of Asian American identity, Lee’s efforts are to theorize personal cinema as the basic practice for building transnational identities and to catalyze conversations about adopting a new Korean identity in preparation for the prospective unification in Korean peninsula. 

Lee's works are shown in San Francisco, LA, New York, UAE, and Alberta, Canada. He is a recipient of George Kuchar Award from San Francisco Art Institute. His current research focuses on personal cinema of Asian American filmmakers and their representations in media practices.

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