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Based in Los Angeles, Sae Yong Lee is a filmmaker trained in the field of contemporary art. In 2016, he launched his first narrative film project Rankle, and in 2018 he directed an experimental short Searching for Happiness. Dedicating his life and career to interdisciplinary practices within film production and contemporary art, Lee continues his work in both media. In film production, he positions metaphors to present complexity at locations of social, cultural, political, and personal angst. Lee aspires to make poetic, idea-driven, propositional, and self-implicating art that converts sites of controversy, conflict, and compromise into places of public pedagogy, curiosity, and conversation. His efforts are to catalyze expressions for building, recovering, and circulating knowledge. By creating work that aspires to render legible our human dilemmas, taboos, fears, desires, and thirsts, he challenges to venture to overcome the inclination to oversimplifying the world, ourselves, and each other. Lee describes his work as moving images that highlight our inner speakers that we often neglect due to its abstract nature. He argues that sensing the world through this visualized complexity reveals congruences that lie within our behaviors, experiences, beliefs, places, relationships, and the time we live in. Please click on vita in the menu above to view Lee's awards, exhibition, and screening records.

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