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History of Now – 2020
Short Film, 3minutes, digital, and Hi8.
Premiered in History of Now Project screening via Screening Room (along with 16 self-portrait videos produced by artists from Batumi, Georgia and San Francisco).
This self-portrait short film connects two moments in the artist's life—childhood in Korea and adulthood during Covid-19 pandemic. By matching the two timelines, the film presents history of angst that is still ongoing inside him after two decades. Although ignited in different situations, the anger in both footages are married together as a montage to provide a lens through the subject’s personality. 
History of Now is an online international cinema project which presents artists from Batumi Art University, Georgia and San Francisco Art Institute. Participants of the project, through their 3-minute retrospectives of their lives, address that visual languages break through the ethnic, racial, cultural, and political barriers that lie between our preconceptions. Their works argue that the global pandemic as a shared experience leverages a mutual understanding among segregated communities. 

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