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Burden of Freedom: Documentary on North Korean Defectors – 2018

Documentary, 9minutes 50seconds, digital.


Burden of Freedom investigates the price three North Korean defectors have paid in order to escape from agony. One of them still suffers from her memories and extreme cruelty she has witnessed in escapee prison camp as a prisoner, while another adapts herself to live in South Korea with an endeavor to achieve stable daily life. The other lady fervently asserts her animosity against North Korean regime based on her working experiences in the Communist Party. The three defectors recount their egress with failed trials, arrests, imprisonments, and deaths they saw along the way. This documentary attempts to engage in discourses of social justice and call for awareness on women’s rights in North Korea in association with social activist groups DAMDA and BaNa TV based in South Korea. I acknowledge their important contributions in making of this film.

DAMDA website:


BaNa TV Youtube channel:

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