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Community Noise – 2019
Quadraphonic sound installation (speakers, painted wooden board).
Installation view, Fort Mason Scully Gray Box Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
Community Noise is a sound installation that points at shared urban environment filled with conflicts and daily turmoil between its inhabitants. Incredibly thin walls that separate the individual living spaces in a super-pact urban environment is transformed into audio generated by computational algorithm music developing software Max7. This work poses a question on urban living conditions that are ruled by socioeconomic power and segregating communities. 

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This installation is a collaborative project of Liminál, a collective of artists from international backgrounds including Native America, Philippines, Spain, China, USA, and Korea. The collaboration process was accelerated by the Indigenous principle of decision-making, which demanded participation of every member through forming a closed circle during meetings. By adopting such method, the collective guaranteed not only the equal chance of voicing and hearing opinions spoken in diverse languages, but also the fairness of educating each other. Harboring an unanimous idea among participants of varying identities was experimented in this collaboration.  

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