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Searching for Happiness – 2018
Short film, 7minutes 25seconds, 16mm, Super8, Hi8, and digital.
Premiered in Film-ed: International Short Film Festival, Dubai, UAE.
Searching for Happiness is an experimental film that compiles various cinematic media ranging from the classic celluloids to the tape-records of the analog era and the recent digital. Footages shot on video tapes and celluloids have gone through multiple processes from chemical developing to digital re-printing. Not only an experiment within its varying shooting media, this work is also a continuation of the filmmaker’s contemplative reactions to his personal life. In the film, a man and woman meet with romantic expectations, only to find out bugs growing inside the man. Although the repulsion eventually separates the two, the man decidedly wends forward with a belief that he will be cured. The defect is portrayed in the film as hatching bugs foreshadowing a spleen that gnaws in life. 

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