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I Traveled 2 Years to Give It to You – 2019
Film epitaph, 02:27, 16mm film.
Created by Sae Yong Lee
Photos: screenshots from the film

This short film is an epitaph for San Francisco Art Institute, one of the oldest art schools in the United States which has been a beacon for many artists since 1871. The school was closed down in 2020 as the result of its aggravating financial struggles during the global pandemic. The film narrates Lee’s memories and the sense of belonging he has built with the place, people, and neighborhoods of SFAI during his two years of stay. Not only a memoir in hindsight, this film is also a point of personal departure and Lee’s statement as an independent artist.

The film was shot on Bolex with Tobin Time Lapse motor and 16mm celluloid. Utilizing TTL motor allowed a range of technical options to change the FPS (frames per second) settings on the camera. The film was shot in 1 FPS, which created elongated cinematography similar to that of the step-printing technique.

Screening history:
- "Cultural Cannibalism," screened at Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA, 2019.

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