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BIO: About

My work indexes immateriality. It is based on sound and cinematic art practices that explore the superimposing relationship between human mind and life. These works take form in autobiography and self-portraiture that translate memories, emotions, and physical senses into sound installations, short films, documentaries, and videos. By using digital media to create metaphors that exemplify desire, thirst, dilemma, and taboos, I challenge the fear of digitizing human soul. My works argue that sensing the complexities of humanity through digital media reveals congruences across borders, ethnicities, and cultures.


Sae Yong Lee is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Seoul, Korea, and is now based in Pasadena, CA. Lee has a degree in media studies from Brandeis University and a Master’s in filmmaking from San Francisco Art Institute. His works have been shown in public spaces, art galleries and film festivals in the greater LA area, San Francisco, New York, Canada, Korea, and UAE. Alongside his artist career, Lee has developed film streaming channels on YouTube which provide alternative distribution platforms for independent filmmakers from around the world. 


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