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禪 Zen – 2023

Sight-specific mixed media installation (couch, mic, PA system and sound)
Photo above: Installation view, In Another Language exhibition at Ontario Mills, Ontario, CA.


The couch and electronic devices of 禪 Zen surrounded by commercial brands become a spiritual, cultural, and physical temple – a point of transition between worldviews – in which emerges a Buddhist perception on business. The installation functions as a noise reducer that counterbalances noises generated in the space. The mic placed within the couch intakes sound frequencies, which are reversed by 180 degrees to be emitted as destructive interference. As the result, the speakers react as an acoustic barrier and separates the couch area from the changing volumes of sounds in the alley – a demonstration of Zen practice for finding peace within chaos. This work shifts the mall's business from a focus centered on profit-driven activities to a balanced approach conscious of self-awareness.

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